Jun 3, 2011

I've got the beat.

Last night, Jack (my husband) came home early from work.  Usually, we celebrate the free time by throwing some popcorn in the microwave and watching a few episodes of the Dick Van Dyke show.  But when he walked in the door, my first thought was, "Oh good!  I can go for another walk!"  And that's just what I did.  I did a quick one mile power walk before sunset.  I know, I know... I'm awesome.

I was out the door for my power walk by eight this morning.  I decided to grab the iPod for a little musical inspiration.  Michael Jackson's greatest hits!  I kicked things off with Billy Jean, then Beat It, Thriller, Bad, Smooth Criminal and ended with The Way You Make Me Feel.  My walking route takes me over a freeway bridge that has a pretty steep incline.  When I hit the bridge, Smooth Criminal was playing.  Michael kept singing, "Annie are you okay?  Are you okay?  Annie are you okay?  Are you okay, Annie?"  And I kept thinking, "Yes, I'm fine - stop asking!"  Walking to the beat took 3 minutes off of my walk from yesterday!
Note to self: listen to music while walking!

Later, Jack and I took our boys to a park before lunch and walked up the canyon trail for another 2 miles!  By 11am I had reached 8,600 steps! 

P.S. I tool almost 11,000 steps yesterday.
That's 6000 more than the average American.  Booyah!


Nicki said...

Way to go on all the walking!!!

Connie said...

Yah Man! You are AWESOME!!!!

anita said...

Michael does it for me every time!!