Jun 18, 2011

Sometimes My Mind Wanders...

A few days ago while on my walk listening to the rebounding flap of my rear end with each step I took, I had a little day dream fantasy:

Dallas area woman caught in the middle of a freak accident last Thursday. There were no witnesses to verify the incident, but local police say that a large tree limb fell on the victim grazing only her backside. The Dallas area woman walked away from the accident unharmed. However, her butt went with the tree.  When asked why she was under the tree, the victim said, "I was walking to lose weight." She is currently in the hospital undergoing evaluation and some light reconstructive surgery. Authorities say that she'll be released on Monday, fifteen pounds lighter with a cute new butt.

When I relayed my fantasy to my mom, she reminded me that my butt will fall off if I keep walking.  Point taken.  So, this morning, I headed out the door with my big beautiful hind quarters in tow.  Besides, reconstructive surgery is so ... ugh.

P.S.  Playlist today was Eminem.  That guy can really throw some beats.  Oh, and tomorrow is my weigh in!  So stay tuned to see how we did this week!  (You should know that I had a tall Coffee Frappuccino on Thursday.  I couldn't help myself.)