Jun 25, 2011

Soothing Myself Without Food

As most of you know, I have a group of awesome teammates who are also on a journey to better health and lasting weight loss.  Their blogs can be found to your right in the sidebar.  I love checking in with them and reading their thoughts and commentary about this often daunting process.  Yesterday, I was inspired by Mary Jo of Shrinking Mary Jo who wrote honestly and openly about the grieving process associated with dumping all of her favorite sugar rich foods.  Mary of A Small Loss responded by recommending a book called "50 Ways to Soothe Yourself Without Food".  First off, I'm buying this book!  Secondly, dear readers, I put this question to you:  In what ways do you soothe yourself without food.  When that moment strikes and you think, "I want something sweet, or savory, or salty, or fattening or..." what do you do to turn it around?  I'll take your answers below in the comments section!


anita said...

This might be too close to food to be a true alternative, but sugar-free gum helps me.
Spearmint is my favorite. (I chew two pieces at a time...by the time the gum loses its flavor, the urge to eat is gone!)

Maybe taking up needlepoint would be a good idea for us!

My mom has a little sign on her fridge that says:
"What you're looking for is not in here."

oh_mg said...

One of my favorite quotes is that "if the problem isn't hunger, then the solution isn't food." I'm an emotional eater, for sure - so my favorite activities are to do something creative: paint, draw, read, write, whatever suits my fancy! Keeping my mind and my hands busy is key. I'll draft blog posts or write letters to friends, pick up the novels I've been meaning to start, or sketch out some ideas for paintings. That, paired with a tall glass of water, is usually enough to distract me from the urge to overeat.

Hope you like the book! She also has a great one called "Eating Mindfully" that has a companion workbook of activities for recovering from the binge/overeating habit.

Jacki said...

if I *must* eat something, I'll take an apple. If I can get by without eating, I have a cup of a spiced tea...I have one flavored with orange rind and between the taste and the warmth, I can make it through a rough patch. If I have to kids to consider (ha!), I go exercise. If I have kids, I get busy doing/making something with my hands.