Jun 1, 2011

Walking the Walk

Did you know that today is National Running Day?  To celebrate, I bought myself a pair of running shoes.  I haven't had a pair since I was a starting forward on my high school basketball team.  I also grabbed a pedometer at my local drug store.  This will give me an accurate count of how many steps I'm taking during the day.  How can a pedometer help me lose weight?  I'm a competitive person and I enjoy beating the numbers held by others.  I also enjoy beating my own numbers.  The average American walks about 5,000 steps (two miles) per day.  The pedometer will assess how many steps I currently take and help me push that to 10,000 and eventually more and more.  Most people automatically up their walking distance simply because they are tracking their steps.   Step one to losing 75 pounds by June 1, 2012?  Take more steps

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