Oct 27, 2011

My bras don't fit...

...and I'm so happy!  

I've cinched the hook and eye closures one, two and then three times.  I've pulled the shoulder buckle tighter and tighter.  Now, the cup is starting to bag on top, leaving little scrunch lines under my shirt.  I wore all of these bras for the past four years, while pregnant and then while nursing two babies.  They have always fit and been very comfortable.  But now, 36 pounds lighter, I may require some new under-gear!  I'm so excited.  I haven't been bra shopping in a billion years.  Sure, I've bought a bra here and there, but I always just walk in and say "This is the size I need and this is the style I need."  I don't even try them on.  So, I'm saving my pennies for a few new bras.  Maybe I'll grab some pretty panties to go with them.


anita said...

Are you still nursing?
Anyway -- if you can muster it, go have a bra fitting. Usually the large department stores have bra experts.
You deserve it!!

Connie said...

Maybe You and Mama should go shopping.

Jacki said...

woot! what a nice problem!