Nov 1, 2011

Half Way

I just realized that I have lost half of the weight I originally set out to lose in June.  Half.  It sounds strange to say it out loud: "Half way there."  I've made some big life changes in the past five months.  Big for me, at least.  I've started moving more.  I've cut WAY back on refined sugars, flours and preservatives.  Not only have I become a "mostly vegetarian", I've also become a "mostly vegan".  Crazy.  I never thought in a million years that I'd stop eating hamburgers and french fries and whole milk and ice cream.  Sure, I still eat Salmon once every few weeks.  Sure, I still eat some unpasteurized goat cheese once in awhile.  However, when I look at my diet now and compare it to what I was eating before I transitioned, its amazing.

I feel the urge to sit back and coast now that I've lost half of the weight.  But I know that I have to resist that temptation.  My goal is 75 pounds.  Not half of 75 pounds.  I looked at my body in the mirror this morning and thought, "I feel great!".  But imagine how great its going to feel when I stand in front of that same mirror six months from now.  I want to stay motivated.  I want to remain connected to the goal and to my new life choices.  I also want to find ways in the following months to reinvigorate my one-year plan.  I want to really set sail and see what I am capable of.


Appletree said...

Congrats!!!!! You rock.

white collar | green soul said...

Sarah - that's incredible! Congratulations!
- agata.

anita said...

Sarah -- you are amazing.
Congratulations on all your changes; changes that have meant something!

Did you get a new bra???

Jacki said...


Interior Design said...

Right! Ships are made to take risk and survive it. Just like life.