Jan 25, 2012

Progress, Not Perfection

Today, Dallas is wet wet wet.  We had a beautiful storm yesterday evening, floods in the middle of the night and a very rainy morning drive to boot camp.  I was super sore from boot camp on Monday.  We did lots of push ups and my triceps had that beat-up bruise-y feel.  Yesterday, while in the shower, I looked like a T-Rex trying to shampoo its head.  I had to bend my neck and head down to meet my hands and dip my hair into my shampoo covered hands.  I'm sure it was quite a sight.  But I find that the best way to combat the sore muscles is to do more.  So today, despite the rain, I hit the push ups and kettle ball swings and sit ups with gusto!

I received an email yesterday from a dear friend whom I have not heard from in many months.  I had no idea that she had been reading Smaller Sarah.  She expressed her gratitude for the inspiration that this blog brings to her daily life.  I was on cloud nine.  Sometimes I feel like I'm writing here in a private journal, tucked away on the Internet.  But this email reminded me that sharing your journey and your thoughts is a very powerful tool.  This blog keeps me on track and accountable, but it also allows me to meet my personal challenges with compassion and perspective.  So, dear friend, thank for your letter - for sharing your journey with me.  As you said so beautifully in your letter, "progress, not perfection is what [we're] aiming for."

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Connie said...

I'm so proud of you.