Jan 16, 2012

Weigh In - Week 31 (Sick Day)

Hi everyone.  I'm taking a sick day.  My kids are both coughing, sputtering, snotty messes and I've still got an ear infection that has now decided to migrate to the other side of my head.  We're all groggy, sleep deprived, throat-hashed zombies this morning. We took my hubby to the air port yesterday, so all of this is on top of his week-long absence.  (Don't feel bad, Jack, if you're reading this... January is always a bitch.)

So what happened this week?  Lots of exercise and juicing.  As far as my overall goals, this week was actually pretty good. Then right at the tail end of the week, while on the brink of illness and mommy-induced exhaustion, I visited a marvelous friend who made me a beautiful platter of focaccia breads, prosciutto, crackers, cheese, and chocolate.  I couldn't say no.  Then I followed it up with a few glasses of champagne.  Oye.  Needless to say, I didn't feel so hot.  The meat, bread, alcohol combo has never been a good one for me.  I immediately gained 17 pounds and got a zit and a yeast infection.  Okay... that's maybe an over statement, but I did gain a pound this week.

Okay. Here's one SUPER awesome thing that happened this week:  I ran two miles in 22 minutes on Thursday.  That's definitely a record for me.  And thank you to everyone who has emailed or messaged me this week about how much you are enjoying my blog.  It means the world to me that you are reading and finding something positive and inspiring from my little corner of the web.  (Well, except for today's "droopy dog" post.) I love hearing from you!

Pounds lost this week: 0
Total pounds lost: 45


The "I Did It" List
juiced (green lemonade) most mornings
ran 2 miles on my own in 22 minutes
attended 3 days of boot camp
took care of sick babies


anita said...

You are doing GREAT!!!
I cannot believe how much weight you've lost, how much exercise you're doing and how dedicated you are to your health.
Take a long hot bubble bath after the babies are in bed....

nrhymes said...

That is great! I hope everyone starts feeling better! I know it's okay to have weeks like that--hope next week goes better for you!