Feb 17, 2012

Shiny Stretchy Running Shirt

Last night I went for a quick mile run around my neighborhood.  I wore my new shiny stretchy running shirt - a Christmas gift.  I love the color.  I love that it wicks the sweat away from my skin.  I love that it keeps me warm and cool at the same time.  It's even got thumb-holes, which is like fashion code for "Hey, I'm a real runner, okay, so back off."  Its a little on the small side, but I figure that if I keep running, it will fit much better in the near future.  Just the act of putting it on makes me feel like going out for a run.

And just because I like to keep it real, here I am in my running shirt 
on my way out the door for a run.  See?  It's still a little snug.

Do you have a special shirt or pair of shoes 
that make you feel the "get-up-and-go"?


Anonymous said...

Girl! You are looking great! Glad to hear your health is your priority bc you'll need it with those two beautifully handsome boys!! I love reading your blog and feeling inspired. Not just about being healthier but taking care of yourself. I'm so busy with my kids, my husband and my sick mom. I often come dead last without ant energy left. Proud of you lady! What an awesome person you are!! Keep it up Sarah xoxo Colby

La Maison Boheme said...

Colby - thank you so much! Sending all my love to you and your precious Mama.