Apr 8, 2012

Good Read

Thank you to Anita - one of my darling readers - for sending me a link to THIS great article by Sarah Hepola on Salon.com.  Ms. Hepola cuts right to the hear of a touchy subject: commenting on someone's weight loss.  Its a tricky thing and she addresses all the stuff I've been thinking about lately.

Here is an excerpt:

“You look healthy!” they exclaim, giving me a hug, or grabbing my shoulders like an aunt at a family reunion. They say it so often and with such enthusiasm that it can have the inverse effect of upsetting me. I can’t help wondering how unhealthy I used to look.

“People won’t stop telling me I look healthy,” I complained to my friend Mary.

She laughed. “Those assholes.”

Click HERE to read the full article.


Redfizz said...

I hate admitting that I am trying to lose weight because I am tired of being fat. I want to sound more noble. But the truth is that I no longer want to be fat. Do you suppose that not stating that is a form of denial?

La Maison Boheme said...

Denial? Nah. I say, "I want to be healthier and I want to thinner". I think there is a big difference between wanting to be the thin version of YOURSELF and wanting to be the thin version of SOMEONE ELSE. I like the way I look when I'm fit. I know I'll never look like Gwenyth Paltrow - and that's alright.

anita said...

I just FEEL BETTER when I'm the thin version of myself.
And for me to get thin, I have to exercise....so in turn, I get fit!

Glad you liked the article!