Apr 18, 2012

Just Keep Going

Jack is back from Barcelona and back to work.  I thought that maybe I would have a little respite when he returned, but I think I was really kidding myself.  He's winding up the semester with his students and also completing his documentation and personal statement for tenure review this summer and fall.  Its a tall order and his time is not his own.

So I'm still exhausted, still waiting for the end of the school year and still holding down the fort.  All of this is markedly easier to do, however, when Jack is in the country and home at night.  So it is with a grateful heart and an exhausted mind that I move forward.

I'm nervous about my energy level while attempting to do the Warrior Dash this weekend.  In four short days I will be swimming through mud, running through sludge, climbing under barbed wire, scaling walls and jumping through fire.  Why?  Because it sounded like fun when I registered in February.  You're probably saying aloud, "What the hell was Sarah thinking?"  But the truth is these 5Ks and athletic markers are what keep me going right now.  Going to boot camp three days a week and doing a 1000 push up challenge and running the Warrior Dash are serving a much greater purpose in my life than I ever thought they would.  They keep me focused when all I want to do is throw away my calender and skip Charlie's therapy appointment.   They keep me grounded when all I want to do is drink a bottle of wine when the kids are down at 8pm.  And most importantly, they keep me connected to other moms going through the same shit as I am.  Its enlivening to reach for something you think you cannot do.  It doesn't even matter if you make it.  Pushing yourself and enjoying the ride is paramount.

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Jacki said...

you are going to LOVE the Warrior Dash!! Just keep swimming, just keep swimming...swimming, swimming, swimming, just keep swimming. ;) Same stuff going on here, except I haven't gotten into the groove of gym workouts, yet. Oh to run outdoors again! and, I miss my running friends. :(

Megan said...

So jealous, I've been dying to do a Warrior Dash! You are gonna have a blast!

Positively Fit LH said...

We are going to have a blast! I will be right there with you the whole time, and we'll just keep going together :) Love you!