Apr 14, 2012

Push Ups

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I'm participating in a push-up challenge set forth by my boot camp instructor.  Our goal is to do a thousand push-ups in the course of the week.  It's Saturday morning and my current count in 810 push ups.  Now I have two more days to complete 190 push-ups. 

Why am I doing so many push ups?   I don't know... I'll take most any dare, I guess.  I also know that if I want to have strong arms like Michelle Obama, I need to get cracking.  One of the many things I've learned from my boot camp instructor is that exercises where you support your own body weight (push ups, sit ups, plank, etc.) can totally change your physique.  So, when she said "1000 push-ups", I said "You got it!". 

The goal... arms like Obama.
Oh... and to someday become a strong black woman.


Connie said...

Good for you! And I too would love to have the arms of Michelle.

Jack said...

I thought you already were a strong, black woman!

Jacki said...

Omg, who WOULDN'T want to look like Mrs. Obama?

Amber said...

You cracked me up!