Apr 9, 2012

Weigh In - Week 43

I'm not going to lie - while this week has been lovely in so many ways, it has also been super stressful.  Why?  My husband is out of town again.  He's been gone all week and won't be home for another week or so.  I'm going a little crazy without him. However, I'm proud of myself because with all of the stuff on my plate right now, I still managed to attend two boot camp classes and prepare some healthy meals.

On Tuesday, I had an hour alone with my 20 month old, so I did a little window shopping.  The Gap was having a sale.  I usually don't shop there because they don't have plus sizes and nothing ever fits.  But I found two tee shirts I really liked.  They were 40 percent off of their sale price - so I bought them, one large and one extra-large, off the rack without trying them on.  This is something that I have not done since I was 19 years old: see something I like, feel confident that it will fit and buy it without trying it on.  The shirts are super cute and fit like a glove.  What a feeling!

For the coming week, I've undertaken a push-up challenge set forth by my boot camp instructor.  My plan is to do 1000 push ups in one week.  As of this evening, I've already done 250.  I'll probably regret it tomorrow when I can't lift my baby into his highchair.  But so far, I'm feeling good.

Pounds lost this week: 0
Total pounds lost: 65

The "I Did It" List
2 boot camp classes
prepared and ate healthy meals
bought two shirts off the rack at Gap
took a relaxing bath - sure is different experience when your rear fits in the tub


Megan said...

That is so exciting Sarah!!! Keep up the hard work!

Redfizz said...

250 already! Holy cow! And what an accomplishment to buy something off of the rack. I am so excited for you! You are such an inspiration.

Betsy said...

Being able to walk into a store and do this is a dream come true! How wonderful! (I'm still dreaming!)

Redfizz said...

I thought of you when I saw this:


Cori said...

You forgot your amazing soak in the tub! Keep up the amazing work Sarah!

La Maison Boheme said...

Cori - you're right! Tub time!