May 14, 2012

Weigh In - Week 48

This week has been a revelation for me.  My husband is away again working out of state and I've had lots of time to write and ruminate.  I miss him, of course, but sometimes being solo provides a nice respite from habitual behavior.  In Jack's absence, I did a little experiment this week.  I did not make set meals, but rather allowed my kids (and myself) to eat only when we were hungry.  To facilitate this, I provided readily available raw, nutritious foods so that food prep would be unnecessary.  To my surprise, my son ate very little in the morning and slowly ramped up his food intake as the day wore on.  By dinner, he was ready for a full meal.  Usually I have to fight him to eat something in the evening.  I followed a similar pattern.  Water and green lemonade was all I needed between 6 and 10am.  Then a big helping of fruit around 11am satisfied my appetite until 2pm or so.  Then I'd have a green salad with some tomatos and chopped pecans or other topping in the afternoon.  By 6:30pm the whole family was ready for a meal. I felt energized and light all week long.  Hopefully I can continue the experiment and eat this way for the next few weeks.  I'm curious to see what happens with my weight and energy levels.

Pounds lost this week:  3
Total pounds lost:  71

The "I Did It" List
ate smaller portions 
attended three days of boot camp
drank more water / drank less coffee
consumed green juice 5 out of 7 mornings
bought a coupon for 10 boxing classes in the fall (can't wait to try it out!)
made homemade brownies for my son's school function and didn't eat them all
did Krispy Kreme take-out (at my son's request) and did NOT buy myself a donut
ate at Olive Garden, had half the Capellini Pomodoro, and brought the rest home for kids


Megan said...

I totally agree with you! Sometimes I find I eat just because it's a 'meal time'. Somedays I don't feel like eating dinner, I'm usually starving early in the day maybe because I work out in the evenings? My poor husband is usually starving when he gets home from work, so I make dinner :)

Jack said...

Once again - working it out! Brilliant solution to the dinner issue, babe! And 71 pounds!!!! You are only 4 away with 2 weeks to go! How proud are you? I love you...and I can't believe you are going to box. What?

shinybutton said...

Sarah, I hope you had a good Mother's Day! You are one of the most awesome Moms I have ever met.

I just saw your pounds lost! Woohoo! So frigg'n proud of you, I could just pop!

Smooch the boys for me,


Jacki said...

that's a neat experiment! I wake up in the morning starving and can barely contain myself until the kids' breakfast is done. I'm ready for dinner at 4pm, but by 6 (when we actually eat b/c Doug is finally home) I have very little appetite. I wish our household could conform to ME! ha ha!