May 21, 2012

Weigh In - Week 49

Hello all!  I hope you've been enjoying the Q&A posts this week. Its always a good exercise to put my thoughts in writing - it clarifies my trajectory and also helps me better understand my process. So thank you for your questions and comments! I'm so excited because tomorrow, my husband Jack is going to write a guest post about how to support a loved one who is trying to get healthy and lose weight. Its going to be fantastic, so check back in tomorrow. (I think Jack is a genius, but of course I'm completely biased.)

Generally its been a good week. I was in desperate need of a little "me" time since Jack has been out of town on business for the past 15 days. So I signed up for a free 7-day trial at the YMCA. This allowed me to get in a few extra work-outs while some nice ladies watched my kids.  I'm hoping to become a member so that I can use their gym, their pool, their day care and their showers. Its not very often, while flying solo with two kids under the age of five, that I get to take a shower... so having a shower at the Y was a revelation! Three cheers for bathing!

I worked out 5 days in a row this week! I juiced and ate lots of raw meals. But I also did a lot of social eating this week, which meant homemade gniocchi (thank you Marta!), homemade Paella (thank you Melissa!), taco salad (thank you Betty!), home baked cookies (damn you... I mean thank you Natalie!). You get the idea - I've been noshing.  So while my physical activity was stellar, my caloric intake was on the high side. So no weight loss this week. In fact, I gained a pound - ugh. My one year weigh-in is in 11 days, so I'm going to make this week really count. No more cookies!

Pounds lost this week: 0
Pounds gained this week: 1
Total pounds lost: 70

The "I Did It" List
started a Facebook page for Smaller Sarah - click HERE or the sidebar icon to join
ran 2.5 miles on my own
attended 3 bootcamp classes
spent a trial week at my local YMCA
attended an extra 30 min. boot camp class on Thursday night
did 30 minutes of leg lifts with my resistance bands 2Xs this week
juiced 5 out of 7 mornings
bought a bathing suit (40% off) at Old Navy off the rack
attended a pool party and didn't wear a cover up the whole time (this is big for me)
and I was also hit on this week... watch out Jack!


natalie said...

See why I made you take some home....I didn't want to gain 5 lbs eating all those. ;) I think I need to watch your boys for you this week for payback. Umm, I guess that's not really an even trade since they're so awesome and gaining a pound is not--but at least you'll get some free time! :)
Great job on all the working out this week. Hope you find some great work out places in Utah!

Jacki said...

I *love* my ymca membership. I just now upgraded my membership so I can take classes all over dfw!! So if you want a work out buddy one day at the y, givenme a holler! I cant wait to read jacks post! You're fortunate to have him. And to have guys hit on you...for the last 10yrs ive gotten only the men with missing teeth.