May 30, 2012

Why do you blog?

This post is part of a reader Q&A. I'm always more than happy to answer your questions about my weight loss process (or anything). My email button is on the sidebar. Just please remember that I am not a doctor, dietitian or a nutritionist. These answers are absolutely specific to me and my personal journey.

Question: I'd be embarrassed to write about myself. Why did you decide to blog about your process?

There are lots of reasons I started the blog as my first step towards losing the weight. One of the main things that inspired me to start this journey was reading another weight loss blog. I was feeling bad about myself and then read about another woman's success and thought, "Why not me?" So I wanted to give back by charting my own progress with a blog.

I was already an avid journaler and blogger, so starting a blog was a logical step for me. It helps me to stay accountable and clearly work through the tougher moments along the way. Sure, its embarrassing at times, but we have to be willing to look foolish if we want to be bold and create something new. And as a reader, I want the "real deal". I don't want anything sugar-coated. I want the writer to trust me and reveal the essence of who they are - and I assume that you want the same. It seems that when I write about the more difficult or humiliating portions of this journey, the reader response is more engaged. And the support I have received from my readers cannot be overestimated. Sometimes the only reason I stuck to the plan, or went to a work-out I didn't want to attend was because I knew I would have to report back here for my Monday weigh-in.

Another reason to share is to create solidarity. Most everything marvelous that has ever happened to me was at the hands of a group of supportive, compassionate women. Women must buoy and help each other. We need to speak with honesty, fearlessness and compassion about our trials and tribulations. I wanted to add a voice of reason and humor to the emotional struggle of losing weight.

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