Jul 4, 2012

Weight Maintenance

Weight maintenance - its really important.  As you can see by my weekly weigh-ins, I've had many weeks when I didn't lose weight. Sure, I was bummed. Its always fun to step on the scale and tick off another pound. But as I get closer to my natural weight, I realize that I'll be in a weight maintenance period much longer than I ever was in a weight loss period.

I'm now nearing six weeks without a loss. But with all that I have going on I count this as a big success. I'm not gaining. I'm holding steady. My body has been through a big transition over the past year and sometimes it needs space to adjust to the new weight. Even if my weight loss slowed to a crawl and I only dropped a pound a month, I'd still make my goal weight in two years at the ripe old age of 35.  See what I mean? I'd still reach my goal. Weight loss is progress, but so is weight maintenance. Hold your ground, take stock of your situation, journal, notice, relax, enjoy, keep your eye on the prize and one day - maybe tomorrow, maybe next month - you'll see the pounds start moving again.


Jacki said...

ha, I sure know about this part! I had been tracking my food to keep calories/nutrients in check but consistently staying w/in range everywhere, so when I stopped having to tweak stuff, i lost interest. BOOORRRRINNGG.
I have a few mess ups now and then but at this point it doesn't seem to have an effect, except to send me into a panic.
As far as weight loss goes, I guess I'm done. but, as soon as I settle into think "okay, this is what I weigh now" out of no where, i'll drop another 2 or 3 lbs. Of course, months go by with no changes. My size keeps going down though, so I know stuff is going on, and all of my workouts are paying off.
I'll just keep at it! :) running and eating healthily!

Angie said...

If you are doing more high-impact activity, then your body might be needing a few more calories. Or maybe it's time 'spice up' your workout routine -in case you have plateau? Just a thought...