Jun 24, 2013

Boot Camp Reboot

For the first time in weeks - many many weeks - I went back to bootcamp at Positively Fit Lake Highlands. Walking through the door into the arms of beloved friends, work out partners and my instructor / mentor / friend, Mallory, was heaven!  Before my 8 week Utah stint, I was performing in a play for a month that had me out way passed my bedtime most nights. So my last real crack at bootcamp was in March. Its good to be back. There really isn't anything quite like 50 minutes of butt-kicking boot camp to make you feel like a badass.

The "I Did It" List
drove in a car for 21 hours with my father and two children
returned to my home in Dallas and was grateful for all the beauty that surrounds me
attended a two day golf tournament for Kenna's Kids
spoke at the tournament from my heart about Charlie and being a parent of a special needs kiddo
went to the movies and dinner with my Dad sans kids
did a photo shoot for Houzz.com
wrote two articles for Trulia (a new writing gig I've picked up)
did many loads of laundry
grocery shopped
ran a mile
went back to boot camp

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