Jun 3, 2013

Doing as I Please

The week has been slow and sweet. I've had lots of free unstructured time with my family. We've gone on walks, had bags of popcorn together at small town fairs and had ample opportunity to read, watch old movies and snuggle.  Idyllic in every sense.

All of this wonderful family time meant that I didn't really pay attention to my work outs or my diet.  I ate when I was hungry, I drank when I was thirsty and I slept when I was tired. Having the time to consider my own feelings and desires from hour to hour was pure heaven.  So, I would say that this was the healthiest week I have had in a long time even though I didn't "stick to the program". It was healthy because I sang my own song and let everything else lie silent.

The "I Did It" List

took long casual walks
slept in
drank green juice some mornings and others, coffee
had a date with my husband
went to a birthday party and drank a Manhattan before finishing the night with champagne
finished a book (this rarely happens in my life)
went on a dinner date with my 5-year-old - just him and me


Connie said...


Jouena said...

Hello Sarah,
I have recently stumbled over your other blog thanks to your post on Morocco while I was in search of home decor inspiration. I admire your efforts towards healthier You and the results you have achieved, admire your attitude towards your family and every-day life. I wish I could find stronger words to express myself to you! And thank you for the inspiration I draw from both your blogs :)
I also have a practical question (and I hope it's not too personal...): who looks after your kids when you are out on a run, or training? You mentioned your trainer - does she come in? I mean, how do you make (I am deliberately omitting "find") the time to do sports, having 2 little kids and a house to run?
And I apologize upfront if you find my question too personal or offensive!!

Sarah Greenman said...

Jouena - thank you for your comment! I'm so pleased you found me here and that you find my blog inspiring and thoughtful. I so appreciate it.

As for my exercise regimen - when I am at home in Dallas working out at Positively Fit Lake Highlands, I take advantage of the child care co-op. This is a program that the trainer / owner implemented so that her clients could have free child care. Each client who uses the co-op provides child care every once in a while and we all take turns watching the kids. The trainer / owner then gives us one free class in exchange for watching kids in the co-op. It's a great system!