Aug 7, 2013

Blogging and Not Blogging

Hello dear readers! I'm back home in Dallas after four weeks of traveling - first to the East Coast for a design job and then to the Pacific Northwest to visit my family. Traveling with a wheelchair bound three-year-old and a curious and fastidious five-year-old is tiring at best, but we all managed to have a great time!

Today, I want to address my inconsistent posting here at Smaller Sarah. I recently received an email from a dedicated and loyal reader gently scolding me for my on-and-off-again blogging. First allow me to thank you all for making space in your life for Smaller Sarah. I'm always thrilled to hear that my journey has been of use to my readers, inspiring their own life choices and motivating them to take charge of their body image and weight issues. That kind of interaction is a fantastic bi-product of my blog and I'm so grateful to all of you who have joined me on my path to healthfulness. But inspiring others is, in fact, secondary to my mission, which was to catalogue my own weight loss journey and remain accountable during my one year, 75 pound weight loss goal. That initial goal was reached 13 months ago.

Have I maintained my 75 pound weight loss since?  No, I haven't. I have slowly gained back 30-plus pounds since October of 2012. Life has been unruly (and wonderful) and I have been undisciplined in this area. I would love to post everyday with inspirational thoughts and funny self-effacing anecdotes - really, I would! But in these past quiet months, I've had my eye on some big picture goals that require my undivided attention. I hope you understand.

So what's next? To continue, of course! I'm always optimistic - even to a fault. Now that I'm home from my summer travels, I can begin to reign in my sloppy eating habits and rejoin my friends at Positively Fit Lake Highlands. When the Dallas heat breaks (it was 109 degrees today) I can begin running in the mornings again. I have high hopes for fitness and healthy nourishment this fall. And when I am able, I will certainly post about it here. I may be woefully out of practice, but I know what to do because it's all written down here on the blog.

And to my reader who sent the email scolding me for my inconsistent blog posts, thank you. Thanks for reminding me that I am supported and for encouraging me to check back in with my beloved little blog. Onward.

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