Jun 21, 2011

Computer Binging Pajama Fest

I took the day off yesterday.  Monday mornings always seem to be a little more hectic around my house.  My husband is back to work after a day off and my three-year-old is eager to get to swim lessons.  Charlie, my 10 month old is popping a tooth and decided that he would spend the morning screaming into my ear.  Poor kiddo, I wish there was something more that I could do for him.  So, I spent the majority of my day in clothing that resembled pajamas, taking care of my boys.

I also spent many hours online reading Mormon scripture as a little "getting to know my temporary neighbors" exercise.  I'm currently in Cedar City, Utah while Jack works at the Utah Shakespeare Festival.  From the entrance to our apartment, I can see four white steeples all belonging to Mormon churches.  I am visited two or three times a week by "the Mormon boys".  This is how they introduce themselves - "Hi, we're your local Mormon boys.  Are you interested in our message?"  In fact, I am interested in their message but not for the reasons they think.  I'm more interested in their message from a "Hey, why is Mormonism the fastest growing religion in the West?" kind of way.  More anthropological than spiritual.  Instead of chatting with boys, I spent LOTS of hours online with the angel Moroni, Nephi, Lehi, Joseph Smith and a host of other crazy characters.  Anyway... I'm waaaaaay off track here.

The point is that I yesterday I was a stationary lump and getting out the door this morning for my walk took some serious energy.  I was lethargic from yesterday's computer binging pajama fest.  But once I was out in the sun, smelling the sage and feeling Cedar City's mountain breeze on my face, I felt amazing!

P.S.  Today's playlist was Joan Osborne.


MaryJo said...

How much better off we'd all if we did what your graphic says - turn your computer off and go outside! Kudos to you for actually doing it.

Connie said...

Mormanisms to Joan Osborne....I love it! Good for you for getting out, and you probably needed a day off to do some research.
Plus, did you realize, you are already a tenth of the way to your goal?! Awesome!

Nicole said...

I haven't listened to Joan Osborne in a long time. Thanks, I'll be adding that to this week's laundry playlist. Those days off are always needed and the good thing is you got back out the next day. Cheers!