Jun 29, 2011

Feel the Burn

Instead of my usual 2 mile power walk, I decided to climb some nearby hills.  These are big hills and they have a very steep incline.  I thought it might be good for my backside.  So I only walked a mile today, but the first half was strait up!  When I got to the top, I was winded and sucking gas big time.  Cedar City is at 6500 feet and the high altitude means that I have less oxygen than I'm accustomed to.  However, the burn I was feeling in my butt and thighs was great!  I just recently read that women who get their heart rates up for just 10 minutes a day were generally 6 dress sizes smaller than women who did not.  Jack took some quick snap shots of me as I headed out on my walk this morning.  So, here I am on my way out and up up up!

P.S  Today's play list was all Mo Town!

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