Jul 22, 2011

Happily falling off the wagon.

As you know I've been traveling with my family.  I'm spending most of my time in a car or at the bountiful dining tables of friends and family.  I have definitely fallen off the wagon this week.  I've only walked ONCE and I've not been eating to my plan.  I've been filling my belly with celebratory ale and lots of wonderful cheeses, breads, creamy pasta sauces and even some Boston Cream Pie on my husband's birthday.  I have not paid one bit of attention to my diet or my exercise plan.

What does this mean?  Nothing, really.  I'm happy to be celebrating with my family and please to know that when the party is over, I can return to my sane eating plan and my invigorating walking regimen.  I'm sure I've gained weight this week.  Luckily, its just one week.  Tomorrow is a new day, and I'm still on the path regardless of this week's culinary transgresses.  Onward and upward!


MaryJo said...

I'm glad you're letting yourself enjoy this time with your family! There'll be plenty of time to get back to healthier eating and fitness but the time for your family is now!

anita said...

i haven't been running in days!
so off the wagon....and i have no excuses!

Anonymous said...

I haven't run since Tuesday. The treadmill will still be here next week. My family will not. Hope you're enjoying your time reconnecting with friends and family as much as I.