Aug 12, 2011

I care. I really do.

Do you know what I'm looking forward to?  Being able to blog here more frequently.  In order for that to happen, my sweet Charlie needs to fully recover from surgery and reestablish a good sleep cycle.  My son has been doing beautifully this past week and I'm blown away every day at his resilience and vigorous come-back.  My husband and I are none-the-less, totally wiped out from the sleepless nights.

Luckily, I'm maintaining my summer weight loss.  I'm not losing necessarily, but I'm not packing it on either.  I've spent the week eating healthy meals, with at least one fully raw meal a day.  I've also been making good use of my juicer, in an attempt to flood my system with live enzymes and fresh nutrients.  I have to say, I do feel better.  I'm still exhausted from the sleep deprivation, but I have energy stores when I need them. 

Why am I not losing any weight if I'm eating healthy meals?  It's amazing how one mindless snack a day can jeopardize my weight loss.  There usually comes a point every day in the past two or three weeks where I black out for a minute and eat a handful of chips or grab a small frothy coffee drink or finish off my kid's macaroni and cheese.  These little trespasses keep me from losing.  They are badly timed, ill-combined and usually lacking in any kind of nutrient.  So, finding ways to successfully push through these snacky moments will be paramount in the coming month if I am to break through.

One really wonderful thing to come out of this surgery, besides my son's continued health and recovery from Craniosynostosis, is that I'm better able to prioritize.  When you've got a sick kiddo, things become very clear.  Menial tasks and petty bull-honkey take a back seat.  I'm happy to have a clear vision for the weeks ahead and a big part of that vision is reconnecting with my walking / exercise schedule and fine tuning my eating regimen.  Thanks again, all, for still being here, reading my blog and supporting me in my journey.


Appletree said...

you are doing great to maintain through all that.

Meagan @ Mommy to 5k said...

So glad to hear your son is doing well. Maintaining through something like that is a huge accomplishment in my book! Good for you! Good luck from here on out, and happy thoughts to your son! the picture. :)