Aug 7, 2011

Weigh In - Week 10

This was a crazy week, because of my son's surgery.  You can read all about it HERE if you are interested.  Otherwise, suffice it to say, I didn't do a lot of walking or exercising.  However, I did eat well and except for some chocolate mouse cake (my son turned one on Thursday), I pretty much stuck to my diet plan.  So after three weeks of stasis, I lost one pound!  Yay!  Also, I picked up a juicer this week because I want to start making my own veggie and fruit juices. 

Starting next week, I'll be moving my "weigh ins" from Sunday to Monday.  My husband and I have decided to make Sunday our tech-free family day.  So, our computer sabbath will begin next week with no internet or email on Sundays.  I think it will be great all around.  One whole day to focus on our kiddos and fun creative play. 

Pounds lost this week: 1
Total pounds lost: 15

The "I Did It" List
stayed within the bounds of my eating plan
ate out at Bliss Cafe - a raw food restaurant in Dallas
acquired a juicer to make healthier beverages
tended to my son during his surgery and recovery


Connie said...

Way to go! With the couple of weeks you've had, it's amazing you didn't gain weight. Good for you. ;-* (kiss)

anita said...

you are amazing from here to the moon.