Aug 2, 2011

Hospital Food...

... is not for me.

I'm in the hospital tending to my son, Charlie, who is recovering from a very successful craniofacial surgery.  These past two days have been some of the toughest of my life, but Charlie is doing beautifully and my husband and I are holding up.  One of the ways in which I'm staying focused and present through this shitty time is to eat well.  Last night I had an all raw meal consisting mostly of veggies.  Today, I've had two big yummy veggie salads and lots of water.  We have happily avoided the hospital cafeteria, which is filled mostly with fried foods, soda machines and cookies.  I feel exhausted emotionally, but because of my healthy food choices, I feel alert, focused and prepared for a long night with my sweet baby Charlie. 

1 comment:

Appletree said...

Isn't it sad that the food in a place where people are trying to heal is so terrible for their health?

Also, good for you, I would have turned to fried cheese at a time like that.