Aug 23, 2011

On the Menu

For the past two weeks, I have been eating pretty close to the plan outlined by Natalia Rose in her book about eating raw.  Her meal plans are already pretty loose and free, allowing for all sorts of substitutions and creativity.  I thought I'd share my menus from the past few days just as a sample of what I'm eating these days.  Keep in mind that my meal's prior to embarking on this journey were heavy on dairy, sugar, meat and bread products.

                   MORNING                       AFTERNOON                      EVENING

Mon:         Green Lemonade                Cantaloupe Curry Soup          Big Vegetable Salad
                   1/2 Watermelon                                                                 Glass of Wine

Tue:           Green Lemonade                Veggie Salad                           Maple Glazed Salmon
                   Fruit Salad                          Dates and Pecans                    Veggie Side Salad

Wed:         Green Lemonade                Veggie Nori Rolls                    Big Veggie Salad
                  Whole Cantaloupe               Raw cabbage slaw                  Glass of Wine

Thu:          Green Lemonade                 Summer Gazpacho                 Rawsagna
                   1/2 Watermelon                  Carrot Sticks and Dip             Cashew "Cheese" Cake

Fri:            Green Lemonade                 Big Veggie Salad                   Poached Tilapia
                   Whole Pineapple                 Lara Bar                                Veggie Side Salad

Raw Lasagna

So I hope this gives you an idea of the menu I've been enjoying.  If you'd like recipes for any of the dishes listed above, leave a message below and I'll post them! 

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