Sep 23, 2011

Between Clothes

I've lost 30 some odd pounds in the past few months and I'm ecstatic!  My body is definitely changing shape and there is a marked difference in my appearance and attitude.  So, naturally my existing wardrobe is starting to become a little obsolete.  The blouses and sweaters and tops are fine and will work for the next few months, but my pants and skirts all look pretty baggy and even silly now.

I'm at an impasse.  I don't want to invest in clothing to fit my current body shape, because I'm going to keep losing.  My goal is to make my clothing work through the winter and spring so that in the summer, when I've reached the end of my weight loss year I can go shopping for clothes to suit my new shape.

Yesterday I bought a cheap pair of sale jeans from Lane Bryant to take me through the winter.  I'm thinking of altering my winter skirts (an easy project) and sticking with my sale jeans for the cold season.  I've got lots of sun dresses and stuff for spring and they'll fit no matter what size I am.  There is also a plus sized consignment store near my home called "Larger Than Life" that I'll try for some cheap cross over clothes.  For those of you who lost a lot of weight, what did you do for this in between period when it came to your wardrobe? 


Anonymous said...

I just wore my clothes a bit baggier until I stayed at that new weight for a bit of time, just in case I fell off the wagon and gained it back, so to speak.

Congratulations and keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Get RID of those clothes that are too big. You will NEVER be that size again so, yes, you need to pay a visit to that plus size consignment store and DROP OFF! Buh-bye big clothes!

Daydreamer said...

Sarah, 31!!! That's AMAZING!
Here's my 2 cents for what it's worth.
Jeans are OK once in a while, but I say getting through the winter easily and stylishly with leggings, (and fleggings), thick tights, and layer your longer shirts and sweaters, even summery dresses if they are somewhat neutral, with scarves and belts. You'll be way more comfy and it looks bohemian and pulled together at the same time. it costs virtually nothing!
Have a great weekend!

Laine Sou