Sep 9, 2011

A Little Game of Tennis

Yesterday, my family and I headed out of doors to enjoy this beautiful weather and play a game of tennis.  I was on the tennis team in high school and have always enjoyed the game.  However, I haven't held a racket or been on a court in years.  Many, many years.  I had a blast, produced lots of sweat, got some sun and had a marvelous time.  My husband and I noted that this would be a great way to spend date night (when we have the opportunity).  I also want our future family outings to revolve more around physical activity.  Normally, we see a film or go out for dinner or go to a museum.  But a family swim or a game of kick ball or tennis is just as much fun and shows our children that physical activity is a part of our everyday life.  Here are a couple shots from yesterday's game:


Anonymous said...


Mary said...

How fun! Good for you, getting out and getting some sun and exercise! It's always a plus when you enjoy yourself while you get a good work out.

Little Edie said...

Finding an activity that is fun rather than drudgery makes such a difference. How great that you can share tennis with your family.

My new passion is stand up paddleboarding. I think about it all week now and can't wait for my weekends when I can get out on the lake.

Sarah, can you share which juicer you ended up purchasing and how well you like it?

La Maison Boheme said...

Hi there Little Edie! I set out to buy a Breville juicer but they were out of stock. So, being the impatient consumer that I am, I ended up with a Jack Lalanne brand. I like it alright, but the white plastic is already starting to show signs of discoloration. And when I juice leafy greens, I really have to baby it. But generally, it works very well for me.

anita said...

Did you happen to watch any of the Serena Williams match last night???
(looking great, Sarah!!)