Sep 10, 2011

Stop. Try again.

Tonight I hosted a social gathering for about 20 people at my house.  It was a potluck kind of thing and some of the guests brought really decadent treats.  I'd like to note at this time that this is the first day of my period, which made me extremely vulnerable to all of the sugary, cheesy treats on my dining room table.  So, I ate my fill.  I gorged.  I totally fell off the wagon tonight.  Here is a list of all that I ate:

a handful of tortilla chips
a bunch of cream based corn dip
goat cheese bites
lots of hummus and pita chips
two glasses of red wine
a chocolate Milky Way cupcake
and a beer at the end of the evening to top it all off

So there you have it.  A list of my sins.  It was a really nice party and everyone had a great time.  But I feel totally bloated and a little woozy from all the cheese.  I think I need to take a Midol and sleep it off.  I may fore-go a weigh-in this week because of my period.  I'm sure that I'm retaining like 8 pounds of water.  Or maybe I'm retaining beer.  Ugh.


Betsy said...

Water retention as well as extra salt!!! I'm pushing back on the 'sin' word.....not about judgement... just about what is! Be gentle on yourself! xoxoxox

Mary said...

When I was doing the raw food diet hardcore several months back, without fail I fell off the wagon every month when I had PMS. I'd have to gorge my face with salty food, cheese, treats, etc for two days. . . don't be down on yourself!! A little cheating at a party is no biggy!!

Jacki said...

ack, I do the same thing! but, the good thing is that as long as you keep on your path, one day of crappy eating makes no difference (except in how you feel). So, blow it off and move on.