Oct 20, 2011

Write it Down - Raw Recipes

My new quest is to convert all my favorite raw recipes to index cards. Every time I need a raw recipe, I end up digging through big bulky books. It's time to get serious and embrace the fact that if I'm going to be preparing raw food, I need to have the recipes at my fingertips. Today, I made this lovely creation.  It is so delicious.  I like to spread it on zucchini that has been cut into chip shapes.

Here is a photo of my finished product.  You really must give it a try!


Jacki said...

that sounds delicious!! mmmmm!!!

Daydreamer said...

How do you have TIME for all this and blogging, and mothering, and wife-ing, and doula-ing, and painting, and photographing...?? you're making me TIRED!
no, really...i wish i had the discipline to try these amazing recipes. i think i would actually enjoy them!