Nov 30, 2011

The New Ride

Thank you to cyber-friend and blog reader, Holly, for helping me track down a double jogging stroller!  For not very much money, I was able to snag a second hand jogger for my boys.  This morning after a pint glass filled to the brim with green lemonade, we power-walked to boot camp.  It was cool - about 40 degrees.  At boot camp, I ran 20 minutes interspersed with a thousand 30 second sprinting intervals.  Wait... a thousand might be over exaggerating.  Okay, like 500.  Then my legs fell off and we moved onto a bunch of core muscle exercises.  When class was over, I was surprised to find that my legs had NOT fallen off.  So I jogged home with the boys in the stroller.  It was a good morning!

Here they are bundled up in their new ride:

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