Nov 29, 2011

Running Shoes

Alright.  I'm on fire.  After running a mile yesterday morning with the boys in our new hand-me-down jogging stroller, I ran another mile at dusk while Jack hung out with the kids.  Two miles in one day?  I don't know what has happened to me - Ive gone bonkers.

So after jogging only four and a half miles in three days, its clear that I need some real running shoes - especially if I am going to run a 5K in March. The Sketchers I currently own are nice for power walking, but my ankles are pretty wobbly without the support of a real running shoe.  What to buy?  I have no idea.  I've never bought a pair of running shoes.  Any recommendations from my runner readers?  I like the look of the New Balance Rainbow Running Shoes below, but who knows how they'll perform? 

...and P.S.  This morning, I made the yummiest, sweetest smoothie EVER.

2 bananas
heaping tablespoon almond butter
heaping tablespoon raw honey
heaping table spoon coconut oil
2 heaping tablespoons ground flaxseed

put all ingredients in Vitamix and cover with almond milk
Blend on high speed with big cup of ice

Pour and enjoy!


Holly said...

You need to go to Luke's Locker or Run On and be fitted. Anything else will just be a guess. The fitting is free. I prefer Luke's, but Run On is fine, too. Luke's has a larger inventory, IME. Anyway, when I need to be fitted.....I go to Luke's and get fitted and buy a pair there. They will watch you walk and run and see how you pronate, etc. I write the date in fine tip sharpie somewhere on the edge of the shoe so I can estimate how many miles are on it in a few months. THEN when I need a new pair, I shop online to buy the same shoe for cheaper. Shoes are kind of like cars....they come out with a new version each year, but they are really usually the same. So I have worn the Saucony Progrid Triump 5...then the 6....then the 7....etc. GETTING A FITTING IS WORTH IT.

Holly said...

PS - while you're there, buy some basic Feetures socks too. They are thin and breathe and are AMAZING. Lifetime guarantee, too - just mail them in if they get a hole. I don't get really into many running "gadgets"....don't own a heart monitor, gps, etc. But running socks are a worthwhile investment.

Megan said...

Totally agree with Holly! Run On is awesome and NEVER buy running shoes by color :) Trust me, you can damage your knees and running should be fun! I also personally love my heart rate monitor, it's a polar and I got it on amazon for a 100 bucks, but it's great for tracking my heart rate and calorie burn.

Appletree said...

I'm a reluctant runner. Not one of those crazy I have to run to feel good people. My body prefers to walk fast, but sometimes I want to sweat more and get home faster. I also work with runners every day treating their injuries. I am a believer in the relatively new movement of minimal running shoes. Nike Free, other brands have their own version. They allow the muscles of your foot and lower legs to develop naturally and move naturally resulting in fewer injuries and stronger legs. Since you are just starting to run it would be a great time to start wearing them.

La Maison Boheme said...

Thank you EVERYONE for all your great comments. This is all super helpful as I figure out what I need to run happily and without injury! Thanks!

Jacki said...

I got fitted at Run-On, too, and bought shoes there ONCE. Running wearhouse, online has a thing where you can send in a film of your running on a treadmill for a gait analysis, but that won't help w/ fit. Everyone has diff feet. Now that I have a brand/style of shoe I like, I buy them wherever I can get a good price. I use Adidas, and I tried out a couple of other brands that other people liked or looked cool, but I ended up going back to the Adidas. They don't look all that fancy, but they work best for me. Had I stayed with them from the beginning, I would have gone thru 3 pairs by now, in my short running career, but since I tried some others trying to be cool, I've actually been thru 6 pair. So, um, I spent a lot of money unnecessarily. I don't use any special socks, other than non-cotton. I have no foot problems or tendencies toward blisters or anything, so I haven't bothered with investing any money there. Good luck w/ your shoe shopping!