Nov 19, 2011

Raw Muesli

Sometimes when I'm in the mood for a really hearty raw start to my day and green lemonade and fruit aren't cutting it, I throw together some muesli.  My raw pantry is stocked with all sorts of yummy nuts, grains, dried fruits, etc, so this is a quick fix for me.  Basically I toss any combination of the ingredients below into a bowl, top it with 100 percent maple syrup and cover with almond milk.  And that's it.

Dry ingredients I've used before:
pecans chopped
walnuts chopped
almonds chopped
sunflower seeds
pumpkin seeds
hulled buckwheat or barley
goji berries
dried apples
dried apricots chopped
dates pitted and chopped
coconut flakes

Fresh fruit toppers I've used before:

Top it with a drizzle of raw maple syrup or honey and cover in almond milk.  Best cereal ever!  If you're up for something a little more involved (like baking) check out this Quinoa Granola recipe over at Hungry Hungry Hippie.  It looks really good!

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anita said...

People think I'm crazy for eating "uncooked" oatmeal. I love it! Just oats, cinnamon, fruit, nuts, honey, and milk. YUM