Nov 21, 2011

Weigh In - Week 25

To be honest, I have no memory of the past week.  Its been busy.  My husband is out of town again and I'm doing a lot of things on auto pilot.  Luckily, I'm not eating on auto pilot and I continue to attend my boot camp classes.  I lost one pound this week - I seem to be on the "slowly but surely" track this month.  Big steps or little steps - it doesn't matter as long as I'm moving.

Okay... I do remember a few things from the week, like peeing a little in my pants while doing jumping jacks.  They call it "exercise induced temporary incontinence" - I looked it up. You know what I call it?  "My hoo-hah had two babies - what do you expect?"  So, now kegels are on the the to nightly to-do list.

to do before bed:
Pee, check. (That one's easy.)
Wash face and hands, check.
Brush teeth, check.
Kegel, check.

Or better yet, Kegel while you brush.  Hey, that kind of goes to the tune of "Whistle while you work" from Snow White.  Peeing in my pants - just one more awesome side affect of pregnancy and delivery.  I'll add it to my ongoing list, which I've titled "The Parade of Indignities."  Isn't motherhood glamorous? 

In fact, let's just take a listen shall we?  Just mentally replace "whistle" with "kegel".

Pounds lost this week: 1
Total pounds lost: 38

The "I Did It" List
juiced in the mornings
ate sensibly sized meals consisting of mostly fruits and veggies
went to a Sunday brunch and shared a piece of pie instead of eating two pieces alone
two days of boot camp
sewed a pair of pants for my son. (Wait, that has nothing to do with weight loss - sorry.)


anita said...

I can't go running without a maxi pad.
It is what it is...

Alison said...

Kegels and squats are my friends after pushing out 6, soon to be 7, babies. You're doing great!

Jacki said...

keep at it, the exercise will probably did me!