Nov 7, 2011

Weigh In - Week 23

I spent the week sans husband.  It was a tough week on my own with two little ones, but I managed to start something BIG: boot camp.  I've been wanting to kick my weight loss into high gear - waiting for the right time.  But as we all know, if we wait for the "right time", it never comes.  I had my first boot camp class on Friday.  I'll be going twice a week to start and then we'll see where that leads.

I'm also back at the walking routine.  I've found a lovely two mile loop in my neighborhood that follows a local creek.  Its a beautiful, tree-lined walk and I can do it with or without a stroller.  My plan is to do boot camp on Wednesdays and Fridays with at least two power walks between Saturday and Tuesday. 

Food for the week was simple and nutritious -mostly salads and nuts and avocado sandwiches, etc.  I caved and had THREE separate Starbucks runs.  But when you've got a four year old asking 5.8 questions a second and a 15 month old on the verge of a leaky diaper, you need something to keep you sane.  So this week, caffeine and sugar came to the rescue. 

Pounds lost this week: 2
Total pounds lost: 39

The "I Did It" List
began boot camp classes
ate healthy meals
replaced water for most beverages
juiced (green lemonade) most mornings
took care of the boys on my own for 6 days without strangling anyone


Betsy said...

The last entry under your I did it list is the one that probably took the most energy, patience, deep breathing and wisdom. Congratulations! xxoo

Appletree said...

woot woot!