Nov 17, 2011

You Have to Decide

I used to think that thin, fit people were just blessed with great genes.  And while that is true for some people, like my college roommate who could put away two fried sampler platters from Applebee's and then slip into her size 6 jeans for a night on the town, its not the whole story.  Since beginning this weight-loss journey, I've started observing thin, fit people. Yes, they splurge and eat sugar.  But just enough to satisfy their sweet tooth.  Yes, they grab a bag of buttered popcorn on their way into the movie theater, but it is the smallest size and they are sharing it with their thin, fit friend.  For someone like me who hails from "eat the whole bag in one sitting" stock, this is a revelation.  And for me, its really hard to do.

Being in boot camp has helped clarify some things for me.  The women I attend class with are fit, yet still working at it.  You don't ever reach home base, wave to the crowd and say, "Well, I'm thin and fit now - no more need for eating well or exercise!"  If I am to become truly healthy and drop this weight for good, I have to decide that this is a change in life style that I must make for my entire life time.  I know it seems obvious - especially now that I write it down - but I see now that most people are thin and fit because they chose to be. 

P.S.  I wanted to add that one of the major contributors to obesity in our country is a systematic socio-economic situation that deprives many Americans of healthy, fresh food.  There are places in this country where it is simply not available.  It's far more economical for some families to eat at the McDonalds around the corner than drive one hour or more for a grocery store to buy expensive produce.  Obviously, my post isn't the whole story (it never is).  You have to decide to be fit and healthy.  But it also helps if you have access to healthy food.


Holly said...

This is a milestone. I had the same revelation when I started my fitness journey! These people know something I don't and are making choices I don't! Along the same lines was the realization...I can rationalize my eating/inactivity by saying it's an emotional eating problem...but it's really more of a math problem. It is funny & annoying to me when people say patronizing things about .... "you're so tiny so you wouldn't understand" "I only run when I'm chased" "13.5 miles? You're crazy." Anyway, great post!

Appletree said...

I watch skinny people too.

Jacki said...

Agree! Fantastic post!!

Don't even get me started on our country's biggest and most expensive health problem, tho. It will only get you a bunch of hate posts!

I noticed the same thing. Skinny folk don't do without! They just know when to quit! When they say they'll just have a bite, they really do! I'm not at the point, I don't think, to where I can just have a bite of something tempting, so I don't have it at all. I don't really have cravings for stuff now, tho, but I'm afraid to test it, and tbh, it's not worth it after working so hard.

I read recently, that the 100% sure way to cure an alcohol addiction is totally remove alcohol. The same with foods with addicting properties. If they are your problems, you can't have them. Period. You have to quit them to get over them.

One book that touches on that is called The Pleasure Trap by Douglas Lisle.

Good luck, and thanks for sharing your introspection! It's so inspiring!