Dec 21, 2011

Music to Run With

Alright readers, I need your help.  I need more up-beat work out music for my iPod.  I wear my ear buds when I go running and I want some more variety.  So my question is, What song gets you supper pumped when running or working out?  I want all your suggestions... I love most every kind of music.

Here are some songs that are already on my iPod:

Eye of the Tiger by Survivor
Just Dance and Born This Way by Gaga
Raise A Glass by Pink
the Body Talk album by Robyn
all of Michael Jackson and Prince
4 Minutes by Madonna


oh_mg said...

I'm loving "Rolling in the Deep" by Adele, "Bossy" by Kelis, and "Dog Days are Over" by Florence + the Machine. They get me so pumped!

leslie48 said...

survivor and single ladies by Beyonce
pretty much anything by Black Eyed Peas

Jacki said...

I don't listen to my mp3 player b/c I know what songs are coming, so I listen to Pandora on my phone. I also listen to NPR on my phone.

Appletree said...

Stronger, by Kanye West

Add it Up, the Violent Femmes

Lose Yourself, Eminem

Ramalama, Roisin Murphy

Positively Fit LH said...

Some of my more recent favs:

I like to start the warm up with Jason Mraz "I'm Yours" - also a good one for the bicycle.
Pink "U+UR Hand"
Skid Row "18 and Life" (run faster at the chorus)
Britney Spears "Stronger" (yeah, I know, but it does the job)
Kanye West "Stronger"
Maroon 5 "Never Gonna Leave this Bed" and "No Curtain Call"
Bon Jovi "it's my Life" (also sprint at the chorus)
Train "Parachute"
Mat Kearney "Closer to Love"
and for your cool down walk Train
"The Finish Line"
Stretch - Adele "Don't you Remember"

anita said...

*Dave Matthews Band: Jimi Thing
*Gloria Estafan: Conga!,
*Lipps Inc: Funkytown,
*Madonna: Vogue,
*Michael Jackson: Don't Stop Till You Get Enough,
*Van Halen: Panama,
*Nirvana: Lithium,
*Eric Clapton: After Midnight

Tee Taylor said...

U2 Beautiful Day

Cicely said...

The Arcade Fire has some great songs to get moving.