Jan 13, 2012

Impossible Things

When I embarked on this journey last June, I wondered if it was even possible.  At times, I was sure my dream of being smaller was, in fact, NOT possible, a wild hair, a shot in the dark that resided just outside the realm of possibility.  My dream was reserved for women with resources and means and time and will power and a magic wand and beauty (or at least what I perceived as "beauty").

Now, seven and a half months into my Smaller Sarah year, everything has changed.  I am seeing real results.  And while these results haven't come easily, it certainly didn't take an act of sorcery to make it happen.  Now, I'm believing all sorts of impossible things.  I wake up in the morning, stretch out, look at my smaller self and think of all the good work I'm going to do that day and the wonderful nourishment I'm going to give my body. Then I vision forward to a time when I can walk into a clothing store and buy something off the rack.  I see myself on an airplane, comfortably seated in coach with room on each side of my hips.  I think of sliding around the back of a dining chair without having to ask my guest to scoot forward.  I dream about running and swimming and diving and dancing and singing and splashing and enjoying the multitude of gifts that come from a healthy body.  The more I engage in a full physical life, the clearer and more expressive I become.   And isn't that the body's ultimate purpose?  Expression?



Connie said...


Unknown said...

Love you Sarah, see you on the other side,

Michelle said...

You are truly inspiring. I'm hoping to do the same this year. :)

Daydreamer said...

Fabulous, Sarah! Well done!

shinybutton said...

Sarah, You are truly inspiring and I love the way you express yourself!