Jan 10, 2012

Cutting Down on my Grocery Bill

One of my goals for 2012 is to cut back on our grocery bill.  When we started eating more fresh food in August followed by a daily juicing regime, my grocery bill shot up.  The fact of that matter is that good whole food costs more than processed corn food-products, that can sit on your pantry shelf until the year 3055. 

Not only have my cooking and food prep habits changed, but the nature of my kitchen has changed as well.  Its been a wonderful shift, but the monthly price tag is more than I can afford at this time in my life.  My dilemma seems to be this:  I want to eat healthy, whole foods.  I also want my grocery bill to stay around 350 dollars a month, as it was before Smaller Sarah existed. 

I have been reading America's Cheapest Family - Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half  and consulting online sources that have some good strategies for keeping grocery costs down while on a whole foods diet.  Here are some of the tools I'll be implementing this month.  Of course I'll make adjustments as I learn more about how to do this effectively.

only two grocery shopping trips per month
scouting out best prices and going to more than one store for things on my list
buying produce that is in season
monthly menu planning
no impulse buys - stick to the list
 buying pantry items in bulk when they are on sale
keeping an inventory of what needs to be eaten first so it doesn't decay

The concept of researching the best prices on individual items when going on my monthly or bi-monthly shopping trip is new to me.  I have four major grocery chains within 3 miles of my home.  So going to multiple stores to keep my bill down will not be a hardship.  Its definitely worth my time and energy.

Now its your turn. 
What do you do to keep your monthly grocery bill down?


Betsy said...

The list is crucial, as you say. Also, never shop when you are hungry. Leads to impulse and for me, usually bad choices, purchases. Good for you!

Tee Taylor said...

I have found that a weekly trip to the local mexican market for produce has cut our grocery bill almost in half since we started juicing. we regularly get mangos 4/$1 or papaya .69/pound. It is amazing the low cost of in season foods.

Perfect for salads too. We have also varied our menu while discovering new fruits and veggies to us. Tomatillo cassarole and calabaza squash-corn soup are now family favorites.