Jan 2, 2012

Weigh In - Week 29

New Year.  New Me.

I hope you all had a safe and happy New Year.  2011 was an enormous year for me and my little family.  Years from now, when I look back at 2011, there will be two dates that come to mind.  The first is August 1st, Charlie's craniofacial surgery - the day I handed my baby over to a team of surgeons who would completely transform Charlie's body and his life.  The second date I'll remember years from now is May 31st, the day I began this blog.  Without any forethought whatsoever, I decided that enough was enough - it was time to get healthy.  I began a journey that would ultimately transform my body and my life.

However, the most unexpected surprise of 2011 was starting boot camp classes.  A friend mentioned Mallory's classes to me and again, without any forethought, I joined up.  I thought I'd go to a class or two just for fun - something to switch up my routine.  I had no idea that Mallory and her classes would change my life for the second time in one year!  I have never felt stronger, more confident or more hopeful about what lies ahead.  And I believe that my recent mental shift is directly related to my classes with Mallory at Positively Fit Lake Highlands.  Boot camp has made me positively fit, positively happy and positively beautiful inside and out.

Today I have a raging ear infection, which has landed me in bed with nausea and some wicked dizzy spells.  So, I missed my boot camp class this morning.  But up until the ear ache, I had a great week.  I attended three days of boot camp, ran a two miles on Tuesday and 3.4 miles on Saturday.  I ate lots of greens and other healthy food as well.  You'd think with a week like this, I'd lose a few pounds.  But to my great surprise, I didn't.  I'm still the same weight as I was last week.  I know that I'm gaining lots of muscle because I can feel it.  I look more toned and my clothes seem a bit baggier this week.  So I guess the old "muscle weighs more than fat" thing is true.  

Pounds lost this week: 0
Total pounds lost: 43

The "I Did It" List
3 days of boot camp
jogged 5K for the first time ever!
bought a pair of real jogging shoes (ASICS)
registered for my 5K in March
committed to run the Warrior Dash in April
the hubby and I rang in the new year with dinner at home and "Roman Holiday"


Positively Fit LH said...

Wow, I teared up :) I'm so happy to be contributing to the happiness in your life, though you must know that it is YOU who is making this good stuff happen. As you know, it's a new direction for me as well, and being with you and the gang has brought me nothing but JOY joy joy joy down in my heart!

Connie said...


Betsy said...

Hope drugs can act quickly to fix the ear infection ...ouch! You have taken 2011 and made it yours. Here's to 2012!!!

rustic rooster interiors said...

You are AWESOME!!!!! Feel better... 2012 is going to be wonderful! xoxo, Alexandra

Jacki said...

WTG!!! Also, it seems like right when you build a lot of muscle at once, there's so water retention so I bet in a day or two, you'll be down a couple pounds. Of course, it won't be weigh-in day, which is how it tends to go. I'm proud of how well you're doing and it must feel so good to have found your "thing" that works and helps you realize your awesomeness. <3