Feb 23, 2012

You ate what?

Okay...  after all of my raw talk and my raw dinner party and my green lemonade juicing and my "oh I don't eat bad stuff anymore" chatter, I had a chicken burger from Jack in the Box today.  You know... the chicken sandwich with the grilled sour dough and mayo and cheese and bacon?  (Yes bacon.)  And that is not all.  I also had two doughnuts yesterday.  TWO.

I know, I know... "You ate what?"

What can I say - I was tired and PMS-ish and unprepared to feed myself today and running around doing errands and zooming in between appointments and I just thought "Ah shit, who gives a flying you-know-what" and cruised through the drive through.  And yesterday, my son was begging for a treat and mentioned doughnuts and before I could pull myself together I had gobbled up a maple and a sour cream glazed. 

Where is the "Do Over" button?


anita said...

don't panic!
you are doing so great! and just think - the 'old' sarah wouldn't be running/boot-camping those calories away...it's o.k.

Betsy said...

No need for the 'do over' button. And with your clarity, focus and self awareness you won't be tempted by the 'do it again' button. xxoo