Feb 25, 2012

Experience the World

It's Saturday.  The weekend.  A time to rest and relax and enjoy my family.  My plan is to hit the trail at White Rock Lake for a 5K before the weekend is over, but until then, I'll breathe deeply and experience the world.  Here is a video of my son doing just that. 

My next weigh-in is on Monday.  We'll see if my trip to Jack in the Box and a few doughnuts through me off my horse.  Have a great weekend everyone and as always, thank you for being here and supporting my weight-loss journey!


Diane said...

I love that sentiment, that we don't have to live life the way we were taught to. I agree wholeheartedly!


Betsy said...

Ah yes, reminding me of "well behaved women rarely make history" - happy weekend. :-)