Mar 7, 2012

Juice Cleanse Finale

The cleanse is over!  At least for the time being.  I had a fabulous experience and I'm ready for more.  Last night, I made the return to solid food with some raw spiralized zucchini squash topped with mashed tomato and ground pepper.  It was delicious! I've got a big month ahead of me, filled with family visits and my first ever 5K run!  So my plan for the next month and a half is to eat clean and green.  I'll continue to juice in the mornings as I usually do and I'll stick to a mainly raw diet.

However, I loved this juice fast so much that I'd like to try another one in late April and May, after I've completed the Warrior Dash on April 24th. I would also like to extend the juice fast to 20 or 30 days.  Why?  Because physically, I feel better than I have in years!   The juice fast has allowed me the space and time to focus on other areas of my life - my work, my art, my kids, my marriage.  How did the cleanse support this?  I'm not sure except to say that doing a juice fast slowed down my inner metronome and forced me to distill my tasks and interactions down to their essence.  Everything seemed a little clearer and less harried.

All told, I've lost 13 pounds on the cleanse.  Time will tell if it stays off or comes back.  The weight is less important, though, than my new-found sense of focus and my heightened appreciation for the food I eat.  The fast has also created a shift in my portion control, water intake and digestive awareness.  Thank you everyone for your amazing support and suggestions over the past nine days!  Its been a good ride. 

Artist: Nikki McClure

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Jacki said...

What a nice reset button that juice cleanse is!