Apr 28, 2012

Another Awesome 5K

Today, I ran my third 5K!  My family and I attended Run the Highlands - a one mile fun run, 5K and carnival benefiting local schools in our neighborhood.  This was my son's very first race and he was a trooper!  I was so proud of him for keeping up with all his long-legged counterparts.  His brother, Charlie, had the advantage of being on wheels. 

One of the things I love most about getting healthy and fit is sharing it with my kids.  When Walker grows up he won't remember the Pepsi chugging, doughnut downing, ball of lethargy that I used to be.  Instead he'll remember healthy happy meals at home, choosing his own produce from the market, running with me on race days, and playing in the child care co-op while I attend boot camp classes.  Today he told me, "You're the fastest runner I know, mommy."  Sweet little man.  Here he is below after receiving his medal for finishing the fun run!

I know that she will HATE me for including her photo here, but this beautiful woman below is the reason I started boot camp in the first place.  I met Ladonna for the first time at a mom's group in late October.  Our conversation went something like this:

Ladonna:  Oh god my arms.  I can't reach my margarita, I need a longer straw.
Me:  Why can't you reach it?
Ladonna:  Stupid boot camp.  My arms are sore from doing a million push ups.
Me:  Yikes.
Ladonna:  You should come with me.
Me:  To boot camp?
Ladonna:  Sure!
Me:  You make it sound so enticing.
Ladonna:  No, its really great.
Me:  I can't do it.  We only have one car.
Ladonna:  It's like a block from your house.  You could walk there.
Me:  Oh.  Well, I'm at home with the kids all day.  I don't have a sitter.
Ladonna:  There's a free child care co-op.  Bring them with you.
Me:  Oh. (Searching for another excuse...)
Ladonna:  Look - either you want to do it or you don't.  I'll email you the info.
Me:  I guess I don't have a reason not to go.
Ladonna:  Then come and you too can have crazy sore arms.

So thank you Ladonna for getting my ass in gear.  In return, I am in the process of inventing for you a very long bendy margarita straw for when your biceps give out after a difficult upper-body work out.

The other thing I did today was make more of these bad boys.  If you haven't read about them, click HERE.  They're super easy to make and super yummy to eat.  Walker calls them "sweet balls" and begs me for these dessert treats.  Just raw dates, raisins, nuts and a little dried coconut.  So good!


Karri said...

Wonderful! I especially love how you describe creating healthier memories for your loved ones.

PS I took your cue and started wearing a "kerchief" on my runs. Perfect.

Betsy said...

Awesome! Like the new banner, too!!

Jacki said...

The part of what you're sharing with your kids really hit home with me b/c I feel the same way. Seriously, it made me cry. It's so important to me to be setting a good example for my family. Even my adult children are influenced my attention to my health and fitness, and it makes me so HAPPY and so determined to never, ever, stop.