Apr 30, 2012

Weigh In - Week 46

It was a pretty straight forward kind of week.  I did a lot of exercise and then used all that good hard work as an excuse to eat lots of pasta and sugar.  Boo.  I am booing myself.  Booooooo!  This is not the way to accomplish my goal of losing 75 pounds by June first.  I'm still maintaining my weight, but I feel like I'm working out just to turn right around and munch on goodies that I shouldn't be munching on.

I am really proud, however, of my work outs this week.  I attended three killer, kick-the-crap-out-of-me boot camp classes this week.  Then I finished off the week with another 5K race.  It was a tough one because there were lots of hills.  Oye vey.  But it was a great run!  And all of this was on the heels of Warrior Dash last Sunday.  So the only days that I didn't work out were Tuesday and Thursday.

But I am ready - really ready - to kick the junk food (this week it was pasta with alfredo sauce, ice cream and beer) and re-commit to my usual raw-veggie diet.  Wait... does this sound familiar?  Oh, yeah.  It sure does... BECAUSE I WROTE THE SAME THING LAST WEEK!  But this week, I really mean it.  No more crappy food.  No, really.  I mean it.  No more.

Pounds lost this week: 0
Total pounds lost: 65

The "I Did It" List
3 really tough boot camp classes
ran another 5K race
juiced three of seven mornings
planned a 4-day retreat for the one year mark of my Smaller Sarah year (more later)
wore my new heels to dinner with a friend


Connie said...

OK...You can do this. ;-) GO,GO,GET 'EM, GET 'EM OOO, AH!

Thoms said...

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Jamie said...

I love you, Sarah! You can do it, back to the raw diet this week!

anita said...

I'm with ya!
No sugar day 6. If I can do it - you can do it!

oh_mg said...

I love the success arrows - it's SO true! And I agree, nothing feels better after too much junk than a raw food detox, of sorts. I like feeling cleaner inside!