Apr 24, 2012

Duh - Muscle Weighs More Than Fat

Good Lord, I am sore today.  Warrior Dash is catching up with me.  All of my connective tissue and joints are screaming.  Oye.  I'll be doing a little tub soak tonight and begging my husband to rub my poor bruised achy body. 

So to make my self feel better, I thought I'd look at some before and after photos from just the past two months.  From February 16 to March 3, I lost 11 pounds because of a 10 day juice fast and exercise.  And from March 3 to April 22 after some big losses and gains, I lost another 3 pounds overall.  I've been "stuck" for the past couple of weeks with no real weight loss.  However, I've lost a dress size (or two depending on the clothing) and have never felt fitter.  Take a look at the photos:

The adage that muscle weighs more than fat is true and I'm proof!
There is only a 3 lb. difference between the two shots on the right, but it looks like more.

And just for fun, here is my current before and after 
from Day One of the Smaller Sarah journey to now.

Can you believe there are only 37 days until the end of my Smaller Sarah year?
I'm going to make this last month count BIG TIME!


Connie said...

WOW!!! Some amazing differences. You look so fit and healthy. Have fun in your last month.

Appletree said...

you are awesome

Megan said...

Amazing, you look terrific Sarah!! You should be so proud of yourself!!!

Jacki said...

Great job!! I'm sort in a holding pattern in accordance to the scale but my clothes are getting looser! it's such a neat thing b/c I'll start to get a little panicky, but OBVIOUSLY if my clothes are getting bigger on me, something good is happening!
You totally look like a jock.