Apr 23, 2012

Weigh In - Week 45 (Warrior Queen Edition)

The weeks are closing in as June 1st approaches - almost a whole year since beginning my Smaller Sarah journey!  This week has been filled to the brim with activity, stress and joy.  My husband has been home from Barcelona for a week and life seems to be resuming a normal pattern.  Most of the weekdays were crazy and I was a weepy mess trying to stay on top of all my obligations.  The weekend, though, was better.  I hosted a party on Friday for Jack's SMU colleagues - a sort of welcome home get-together.  Saturday our family attended a dinner for Kenna's Kids, the non-profit organization that has chosen my son, Charlie, as one of their 2012 beneficiaries.  Then I finished the week with the Warrior Dash on Sunday morning!

As I stood in front of the bathroom mirror on Sunday morning examining the bags under my eyes, I thought, "What the hell am I doing?"  Then I popped two Aspirin, poured myself a cup of coffee and packed my bag for the battlefield.  Dread soon gave way to giddiness and in the end Warrior Dash was a fantastic experience. 

The best part about doing the Warrior Dash was that I had a partner.  My boot camp instructor and dear friend, Mallory, picked me up on Sunday morning and ran the dash with me!  My goal was to run the entire 5K, which I did.  There was only one obstacle that was beyond my physical abilities, but I surmounted all the others with confidence.  The one I missed was a nine story wall with only a vertical rope to assist in scaling.  Okay, okay... it was NOT nine stories tall and there were little helpful foothold thingys, but seriously... when I started to climb, all I heard was the voice of comedian Wanda Sykes saying, "Oh nuh-uh girl.  That shit ain't happ'nin'."  I just didn't have the upper body strength to pull myself over that HUGE wall.  Ah well.

Do I feel different?  Hell yes.  Now I feel like Boadicea, Warrior Queen of the Britons.  I don't know if I can lead a Celtic revolt against the Romans, but I can certainly handle a rowdy (and sweet) four year old, a testy (and sweet) 20 month old with Cerebral Palsy, boot camp, and my various domestic duties as chauffeur, chef, event coordinator, financial planner, and family Chief Executive Officer.  So Mallory, thank you for running the dash with me and for spending the last five months (gently) whipping my ass into shape.  Here I am before and after the Warrior Dash:

Okay back to business.  It's Monday.  Time to weigh in.  I had a great week of exercise and a crappy week of eating.  I allowed stress and time-crunches to dictate my diet this week.  There were lots of coffee take-out trips, ice cream breaks and even cake.  I also drank a lot of beer and wine due to the weekend entertaining.  I have not dropped any weight, but I look and feel more toned than I have in over a decade.  The weight remains the same, but I'm still dropping dress sizes.  So overall, I'm pleased with how the week turned out.  My goal for next week is to resume my normal diet, which as you know, mostly entails saying no to refined sugar / flour and yes to veggies and raw food.

Pounds lost this week: 0
Total pounds lost: 65

Mallory and me before the race with fresh shiny clean faces.

Mallory and me after the race with our viking hats and medals.

We rocked the Warrior Dash!

All clean with my official tee-shirt!

And a shot of my knees and shins a few hours after the dash.  Ouch!

The "I Did It" List
attended 2 boot camp classes
took a run around my neighborhood
juiced 3 out of 7 mornings
 completed the Warrior Dash in fifty something minutes
bought a pair of heels (my first in years)
wore my new size 16 jeans all week


Megan said...

Awesome!! I love how you transformed from sahm to warrior :) I'm doing one in June and I'm super excited!!

anita said...

You rock.

Joe and Jane said...

Congrats on doing the Dash! I'm doing it in September for the first time, and I'm nervous! I would love any tips if you have them - thanks!

Redfizz said...

You look fantastic!

Alison said...

You are amazing!

Jacki said...

Fantastic!! You are bad-ass!

Positively Fit LH said...

You did a fantastic job and were braver than I was on some of those obstacles! I loved running it with you!