May 26, 2012

Morning Run

I'm back in Utah territory!  If you've been following the blog for the past year, you'll remember that I began my Smaller Sarah year in Utah.  Why is my family here?  Because my husband takes a nine week contract every summer at the Utah Shakespeare Festival.

This morning, I laced up my running shoes and went for a 2-mile run around hilly Southern Utah University.  It's 50 degrees this morning with a stiff cold wind coming out of the mountains. I've also jumped from an altitude of 149 feet in Texas to an altitude of 5895 feet in Utah.  When you add the hills and the wind and the altitude together, it makes for a very different running experience than I've been accustomed to in Dallas.

Never-the-less, I popped in my ear buds (Kanye, Robyn, Gaga and Pink on the iPod) and braved the elements.  It felt so good to run the same route that I was walking last summer.  What usually took me 40 minutes to walk, I ran in 25 minutes today!  My goal is to run that two mile loop 5 days a week while I'm here.

Tomorrow, I'll be posting some more questions from readers 
for the Q&A series, so be sure to check back!


ostranderblog said...

Clicked on you from your comment on Pure2Raw, love the blog! Great work on your running and weight loss journey!

anita said...

Wow Sarah, that is some kind of altitude difference!!!
Take it easy until your body can adjust.

Jessica said...

Running when I get to Utah always help me adjust to the altitude faster. Good for you! Wishing for some 50 degree mornings here!