Jun 18, 2012

Weigh In - Week 54

It's been a crazy wonderful week. I've had a lot of personal victories that seem, at first, to have nothing to do with my Smaller Sarah journey. But the more I contemplate this past year and the events leading up to this week, the more I can see the connection to my Smaller Sarah choices. So here is my new-to-me-but-I-already-knew-it, age-old, the-Buddhists-have-been-telling-us-for-eons discovery: everything you do affects everything you do. Once I decided to treat my body better, eat healthier food and get some exercise, other avenues of creativity and authentic living opened their doors to me.

My time in Utah is coming to a close. I travel back home to Dallas this weekend for the Kenna Cup, a golf tournament benefiting my son, Charlie. My husband's annual theater gig in Cedar City is always such fun, but I'm ready to return to the comforts of my home. One of the things I did NOT bring with me on this trip was a scale. I've been taking undercover reconnaissance missions to the bath isle at Walmart to weigh myself on their collection of scales. This involves taking the scale out of the box without damaging the packaging, placing it on the floor and standing on it before an employee asks, "Can I help you" - the subtext being, "What the hell are you doing?"

I'm still holding steady with a 75 pound loss. I used to get bummed out when my weight loss would stall or even out. I'd watch the weeks tick by without a loss and think, "What am I doing wrong?" But not any more. I've become more comfortable with the ups and downs of weight loss. The body is a living breathing organism affected by thousands of influences. Some weeks I lose and some weeks I don't.  As long as I'm making authentic choices that are in line with my needs, then its all good. Besides, I'll be back to my boot camp routine starting June 25th and reunited with my juicer on the 22nd!

Pounds lost this week: 0 
Pounds lost overall: 75

The "I Did It" List
ran 2 miles on Thursday
attended a yoga class on Wednesday night
did four sets of push-ups and sit-ups while watching cartoons with my son
made some lovely raw soups, smoothies and salads
submitted my first paid article to Houzz.com as a freelance contributor
enjoyed seeing my own home showcased on Houzz.com
received multiple inquires from buyers interested in owning prints of my art work
surprised myself by taking off in a dead sprint after a frisbee gone astray without getting winded

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Betsy said...

Congratulations on the 'aha's and the week! Subterfuge scale recordings are also subject to time of day and clothing pounds! Wanna bet your home scale plummets? :-) Yaaaay for you!

ECW74 said...

Can you endure one more question? Well, one more plus that one... Do you journal your daily food intake? You know, calories, fat, etc? Or eat cleanly and not worry about overall calories.

Sarah Greenman said...

No. I do not journal about my daily intake and I do not count calories. I have never counted calories during this journey. You actually bring up a really great question - because I do write down my goals and activities for the day. And I do write down how I felt about my intake, but I don't write down specifically what it was. I journal everyday for other reasons. You've given me an idea for a blog post... thank you! XO

ECW74 said...

Thanks for the quick reply and I look forward to your post about it. Weight loss is such an interesting and individual journey it is cool to read about yours and how you are totally rocking it.